The Human Centipede (First Sequence) 
Caution:  Clutch a barf bag before viewing.

The Human Centipede, the most original horror film ever to defile my mind, is indeed 100% medically accurate.

Stranded with a flat tire while in route to a party in rural Germany, tourists Jenny and Lindsay, unsurprisingly American, seek help while aimlessly trekking through a forest in the midst of a rainstorm.  After the gullible girlfriends discover a villa, they pound and plead with the owner, Dr. Josef Heiter, for shelter, and, unwittingly, invite themselves into an intolerable plight of terror and torture.

Bloody Rundown

This vomit-inducing anguish of the orifices is so inconceivable and viscerally grotesque that it needs to be seen to be believed. Bon appetite! Or better yet—Guten Appetit!

the-human-centipede 4The-Human-Centipede 3Human Centipede 2Human-Centipede 5

Renowned for his expertise at separating Siamese twins, Dr. Josef Heiter, a retired surgeon, is paradoxically consumed with a fantasy of fusing creatures together in his basement lab.  (With his fixation on twins and his fetish for torture, surely Dr. Joseph Heiter hails from the Third Reich’s notorious mutilator, Dr. Joseph Mengele.)  Heiter’s failed attempt at surgically morphing his three Rottweiler pets into a single, known as 3-dog, does not deter his ambitions.  Instead, 3-dog’s death only emboldens Dr. Heiter as he now covets a Siamese triplet creation – a human centipede, one that would share a single digestive tract through a mouth-to-anus surgical sew.  Three healthy humans, with matching tissue, necessitate this desecration of human flesh, human dignity, and, well, human defecation.  And, who better to fulfill Heiter’s demented endeavor than foreign tourists, whose initial disappearance will remain unnoticed.  With Jenny and Lindsay already in his captivity, Heiter kidnaps another tourist, Katsuro, a Japanese male.


With such demanding roles, the film’s performances are nothing short of hardcore.  The gag-worthy roles of the Centipede are bravely and sympathetically performed by Ashley C. Williams, Ashlynn Yennie, and Akihiro Kitamura, all of whom relinquish any semblance of vanity.  Dieter Laser authentically portrays the insane genius, Dr. Heiter, with such precision it is hard to imagine that this is his first horror film.

Tom Six has created a psychological horror in which the power of suggestion is more gruesome than the gore.  Suspenseful, innovative, and beautifully filmed, The Human Centipede, which sprang from Six’s joke about appropriate punishment for pedophiles, delivers an alarming fright that unfortunately will forever linger in my nightmares.

Deadly Details

Director ∞ Tom Six
Producers ∞ Tom Six and Ilona Six
Screenwriter ∞ Tom Six
Music ∞ Patrick Savage and Holeg Spies
Cinematographer ∞ Goof de Koning
Editor ∞ Nigel de Hound (aka, Tom Six’s pug dog)
Studio ∞ Six Entertainment
Distributor ∞ Bounty Films (International) and IFC Films and (United States)
Release Date ∞ 30 April 2010
Running time ∞ 92 minutes
Country ∞ Netherlands
Language ∞ English, German, and Japanese
Cast ∞
Dieter Laser as Dr. Heiter 
Ashley C. Williams as Lindsay 
Ashlynn Yennie as Jenny 
Akihiro Kitamura as Katsuro 
Andreas Leupold as Det. Kranz 
Peter Blankenstein as Det. Voller 
Bernd Kostrau as Dirty Man in Car 
Rene de Wit as Truck Driver