Deeming her boyfriend, Remington Rashkor, as a suitable father figure for her intellectually-challenged teenage son, Nicholas, single mother Mindy Simmons is ready for a commitment.  Remington, however, is a perverse degenerate, and Nicholas is nothing but a nuisance to his Easter time debauchery of drugs, hookers, and a pedophile.  But, alas, Nicholas is the least of Remington’s worries:  A Peter Cottontail killer is on the loose, hopping and chopping, leaving a bunny trail bloody bedlam.

Bloody Rundown

Written and directed by Chad Ferrin, Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! is a humorous, highly-low-budget gore with a storyline of maternal devotion and vengeance that transpires over Easter eve and Easter Sunday.  Although some will find Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! to be equivalent to a student film of horror, gore lovers will find the bloody butchery impressive.  The storyline, however, has less to do with Easter and more to do with the kill. 

Easter Bunny Kill Kill 7

Teetering far outside of political correctness, the film is just downright bizarre. The set is makeshift and beyond pathetic; yet, the gore is over-the-top glorious.  (Ferrin knows where to spend his money as his audience seems to relish the unmerciful grossness of his “sea of depravity.”)  The wardrobe, surely rented from a local costume shop, only adds to the film’s cheap-thrill ambience.  (It should be noted that nurses have shunned the uniform and cap, opting for scrubs in recent times, like decades.) 

easter bunny 4

Under the circumstances, the campy acting was, altogether, pretty decent.  Ricardo Gray and his character Nicholas Simmons are both not only dolls, but the absolute heroes of this depraved debacle.  With dagger-like fingernails, David Z. Stamp’s cutting portrayal of deviant Ray Man, the pedophile, was so realistic I wanted to enlist him in the Sex Offender Registry. Timothy Muskatell’s apt depiction of the lazy, repulsive, pig Remington Rashkor, lends further credence to never trust a man with a handlebar.  Both actors perhaps belong in the interrogation room while their characters surely belong in the Huntsville Unit.  Finally, I have to give Charlotte Marie, who played Mindy Simmons, major props for starring in this Crappy World Films production. 

Die-Anne’s Diatribe

What the film lacks in quality, it makes up for in derangement. And, I will always commend anyone’s efforts in making horror flicks.

Plot Mutilator

The film opens as Remington robs a liquor store and sadistically blows off the head of a 29-year-old cashier on the eve of Easter.  After then stealing a bottle of Champaign and a blood-stained chocolate bunny, Remington visits his girlfriend, Mindy, and meets her son, Nicholas. 

easter bunny2

Sixteen-year-old Nicholas is ecstatic about the Easter holiday; he believes the Easter Bunny will return his father, who left the family a decade ago.  Remington loathes Mindy’s “Mongoloid son,” and spews insults whenever they are alone.  Uncle Rem tells Nicholas that the blood splatter on his chocolate bunny is from the “Easter Bunny’s” ears when he “ripped” them “off.”

At the behest of his mother, who commands he that accepts Uncle Rem, Nicholas takes out the trash and encounters a homeless man who kindly bequeaths him with a pet bunny.  The bum then notices a shotgun inside a car and inquires about the owner.  Nicholas tells him the car belongs to his mom’s “new jerk boyfriend.”  Nicholas returns and sees Remington and his mother making out on the sofa.  He rushes to his room and hides the caged pet, who he believes is the Easter Bunny, under a blanket.   

Concerned, Mindy checks on Nicholas, who says “fuck” and then calls her “a slut.”  She slaps his face and asks “where in Hades” did he learn such words.  Nicholas admits that Jorge taught him.  And in a moment that is entirely inexplicable, Jorge, the maintenance man, and his wife, Lupe, the babysitter, appear in close proximity from behind a plastic sheet and heckle Mindy.  Neither Nicholas nor Mindy notice them; furthermore, Mindy does not notice the large veiled rabbit cage.  Nicholas says that his dad would beat Mindy if he knew that she was with Remington.  They then apologize to each other and say goodnight.

After returning to the living room, Remington asks “how retarded” Nicholas is.  Mindy defiantly clarifies her son was born with the dubious acronym of MRCP (Mental Retardation Cerebral Palsy).  In spite of his piggish comment, Mindy thinks that Remington might be a decent father figure for Nicholas and agrees with his suggestion that he moves in with them.  She explains that Nicholas thinks his father will return, despite the fact that he has been dead for ten years.  She then reveals that Nicholas always thinks his father is watching him from afar.

easter bunny 10

While everyone is asleep, Rem awakens and goes to Nicholas’ room.  Nicholas’ bunny is hidden on his lap under blanket.   Rem thinks he’s jerking off and says, “What are you doing under there… that’s gross—stop it.”  Nicholas holds up the bunny and says, “Don’t you hurt my Easter Bunny.”  Remington realizes he can use the bunny as blackmail.  If Nicholas does not comply with their new living arrangements, he threatens to tell his mom about the rabbit.  Remington will tell her the rabbit has rabies, and he’ll then have to “snap the little fucker’s neck just to put him out his misery.”

On Easter Sunday, Rem awakens to the news that there are no leads in the murder he committed.  He proceeds to insult Nicholas calling him, “slow poke.”  Meanwhile, Mindy is outside reprimanding Jorge and Lupe for teaching Nicholas dirty language.  Remington arrives in his uniformed wife-beater and screams at Jorge and Lupe in Spanish.  They are so intimidated that they flee without Jorge’s tools.

easter bunny 8

Mindy, a nurse, is unexpectedly called into work at the hospital.  Since Remington is an “independent contractor,” his schedule is wide open to babysit Nicholas until she returns the next morning.  Remington is ready to party down in Mindy’s absence. 

Uncle Rem phones his friend, Ray Mann, a drug-dealing pedophile.  After divulging that his last “job got messy” and he is “laying low with this chick” that he just met and really digs, Ray Mann softly bellows that his sweetheart arrangements sounds like “puppy dog tails and rainbows.”

easter bunny 9

Rem tells Ray Mann about Nicholas who is probably in his “room finger banging his bunny rabbit.”  In exchange for hard drugs, Remington will allow Ray Mann to sexually abuse Nicholas.

While Ray Mann is in route, Rem drags Nicholas to the living room and warns the “Fucking little shit stain” that “things are gonna change around here.”   He threatens to kill his bunny, yelling, “You’re daddy’s dead, dummy,” and then declares that he is having friends over for an “Easter party.”  Nicholas rushes back to his bedroom.

As darkness falls, Rem sings, “Hookers, hookers and a cocaine; hookers; hookers, I’ll be feeling no pain” while primping in mirror.  Ray Mann arrives with drugs and a suitcase full of molesting paraphernalia.  After Ray Mann asks “where’s that sweet little boy,” Uncle Rem makes him promise:  “No memory, no marks, and you give me money.”  Rem then assures Ray Mann that he has all night to “play with” Nicholas and, best of all, he can memorialize the playdate with photos.  Mr. Mann intends to drug Nicholas with a roofie and pines that he wants the boy to “Piss on his face just to see where it comes from.”  (I mean, really?!)

easter bunny5

Meanwhile, Nicholas overhears their revolting plans, and then hides.  (Evidently, he is not as stupid as Uncle Rem presumes.)  Ray Mann bids Uncle Rem with “toodles” as they each depart on their own deviant debauchery. 

Mr. Mann seeks for his “boy pussy” teasing “Uncle Ray is here to play with you.”  Overexcited and overexerted, Ray Mann coughs and sweats as he tries to find Nicholas.  After Ray Mann looks for him under the bed, a masked figure stabs him in the eye then, with a power drill, drills through the back of his head all the way through his forehead. 

Easter-Bunny 9

Remington hires two hookers, Brooke and Candy.  They request heroine, but Remington only has cocaine, which he snorts off their bare inflated boobs while driving. 

Jorge, Lupe, and their friend, Jesus, arrive at the house to retrieve Jorge’s tools.  Lupe waits in the car while Jorge and Jesus break into the house and split up in search for the tools and anything of value to steal.  Jesus is beaten with a hammer, yet Jorge is unable to hear the murder as he is shitting, without toilet paper, while listening to an iPod.  Lupe calls Jorge’s cell phone; then, the bum asks her for spare change.  Jorge relinquishes himself from the toilet to look for Jesus.  He sees a trail of blood leading to Ray Mann.  Jorge is then murdered with a power saw.

Remington returns with Candy and Brooke, who are so creeped out by the darkened house that they question whether they should just leave.  Rem looks for the fuse box while Brooke uses the restroom where she is accosted.  Meanwhile, Candy is strangled in the living room by Jesus who is still alive.  Rem comes upon them and finishes Jorge off.  They then find Brooke unconscious.  Candy goes to the kitchen to fetch her a glass of water, but breaks the glass.  As she looks for a broom, the masked killer shoves the broom stick down her throat, killing her. 

Brook explains to Rem that a guy in bunny mask strangled her; Rem thinks its Nicholas “playing one of his faggot games.”  Rem leaves Brooke in search of Ray Mann and Nicholas.  In perhaps the most grotesque scene of the film, the killer wraps a plastic bag around Brooke’s head and stabs her in the neck.  The plastic bag fills with blood.

easter bunny6

Rem finds both Ray Mann and Brooke dead.  He then finds Nicholas who he thinks is the culprit.  As he tries to grab Nicholas, Mindy appears and slashes him in the neck telling her son “how much mommy loves” him.  She tells dying Rem, “You’re just like his father” and only a “dirty rotten filthy human being” could “treat” her “angle” so monstrously.  Mindy explains to Remington that she burned her husband to death ten years ago after he verbally tormented their son.  She vowed to never allow anyone to brutalize her cherished son again.  She states, “I hid and watched and saw how you treated Nicholas” and that “you and your evil friends will be judged by a higher power.”  Rem says “if that’s true than I’m fucked.”  He then dies.

The bum enters their house, and Nicholas introduces him to Mindy, who does not recognize that he is her husband, Donald.  He apologizes, claiming that after surviving the fire, he is a “changed man” and, as Nicholas believed, has been watching them for years.  Donald even helped out in Mindy’s murder spree by chopping Lupe’s head off, which he then presents to them in a trash bag.  Mindy and Donald decide to reunite and reveal to Nicholas that he is his father.  And they live happily ever after.

Moral of the cotton tale:  The Easter Bunny kills all child abusers!


Deadly Details


Director ∞ Chad Ferrin
executive producers ∞ Giuseppe Asaro  and C.W. Ferrin 
Producer ∞ Trent Haaga  
Screenwriter ∞ Chad Ferrin
Music ∞ The Giallos Flame
Cinematographer ∞ Giuseppe Asaro  
Editor ∞ Jahad Ferif  
Special Effects ∞ Margaux Frankel
Production Company ∞ Crappy World Films
Distributors ∞ Vicious Circle Films, along with the following: Warner Brothers; Gravitas Ventures;
     Bounty Films; Beyond Home Entertainment; and, Cine du Monde
Release Date ∞ August 2006
Running Time ∞ 90 Minutes
Country ∞ United States
Language ∞ English
Cast ∞     
Timothy Muskatell as Remington Rashkor 
Ricardo Gray as Nicholas Simmons 
Charlotte Marie as Mindy Simmons 
David Z. Stamp as Ray Mann 
Jose I. Lopez as Jorge 
Marina Blumenthal as Lupe 
Ernesto Redarta as Jesus BF Ferrer 
Amy Szychowski as Brooke 
Kele Ward as Candy 
Max Haaga as Young Nicholas Simmons 
Wolf Dangler as Bunny Killer 
Granny as Easter Bunny 
Jeff Sisson as Ken Johnston 
Kirk Sever as Billy Wilder 
Trent Haaga as Bum / Donald Simmons