Milos, a retired porn star, is recruited to star in an art-house film. Now unemployed and a married father of a six-year old, Milos reluctantly accepts the part. During production, however, Milos is horrified to realize he is starring in a snuff film. The only way for Milos to break his contract, and save his family, is to snuff or be snuffed.

Bloody Rundown

In director Srđan Spasojević’s feature debut, A Serbian Film is considered by many as the most depraved, vile, and inhumane film ever created. There are some, however, who regard the film as a masterpiece of social commentary.

3Spasojević co-wrote the film with Aleksandar Radivojević and co-produced it with Dragoljub Vojnov. The filmmakers justify the gratuitous violence as a metaphor to the aftermath of surviving in postwar Serbia. They feel their movie is an indictment against the political correctness upheld in Serbian films, most of which are funded and censored by bureaucrats, both foreign and national. Whether or not this is a lame excuse, any film that is outright banned, or even cut, only augments Spasojević’s argument that a fascist New World Order is trying to manipulate the masses with romanticized untruths.


Shot in Belgrade, Serbia, in just 61 days, the film stars Srdjan Todorovic as Milos, Jelena Gavrilovic as Marija, Sergej Trifunovic as Vukmir, and Slobodan Bestic as Marko. All the actors bravely depicted their roles, which called for extreme ranges of emotions and physical demands.

Beneath the transgressions and polemics, the core of the film actually deals with family values; insofar that it concerns the love and protection that Milos and his wife, Marija, have for their six-year-old child. Additionally, there is artistic merit to the film. The hardcore gore is countered with glimpses of the beautiful architecture and landscape in and around Belgrade.

4Banned in Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Singapore for its taboo themes of pedophilia, necrophilia, sodomy, rape, homicide, suicide, along with the inception of infant porn, an unthinkable sub-fetish that surely has never been considered, A Serbian Film warrants a visceral reaction. But, again, a ban only incites.

Die-Anne’s Diatribe

I’m too naïve to even contemplate the Yugoslav Wars. (So I would not dare even comment.) But, what I do know is that all forms of censorship sucks. How a fictitious snuff film within a fictitious film with supposed political undercurrents could warrant so much animosity and so much censorship is beyond me. Sure such crudeness and unprecedented gore is not everyone’s taste, but an outright ban?!

2I recently met a 30-year-old hipster from Belgrade. I asked him his thoughts about A Serbian Film. His reaction was with anger, shame, embarrassment, and outright rage against the filmmakers who created such a disgusting film. He did not want the film to be a reflection of his people, his home. I assured him that I too did not think the film was a reflection of the Serbian people. I then asked him if he saw the film. He had not.

Plot Mutilator


Renowned for his commanding erection, unemployed former porn star, Milos, is cast in the starring role of an art-house film directed by wealthy pornographer, Vukmir. With the intention of shielding his six-year-old son from his pornographic past, Milos is initially apprehensive at resuming his career; but, both he and his wife agree that the massive financial rewards justify the indignity of the film. During filming, however, it is soon revealed that Milos has been recruited into a snuff film. Milos is now entangled in a horrific production, forced to witness, and, at times, partake in nearly every immoral and illegal crime against humanity.


Deadly Details

Director ∞ Srđan Spasojević
Producers ∞ Dragoljub Vojnov and Srđan Spasojević
Screenwriters ∞ Aleksandar Radivojević and Srđan Spasojević
Music ∞ Sky Wikluh
Cinematographer ∞ Nemanja Jovanov
Editor ∞ Darko Simić
Special Effects ∞ Miroslav Lakobrija, Petar Zivkovic, Danilo Dudic, et al.  
Makeup Department ∞ Dubravka Busatlija and Miroslav Lakobrija (Special Makeup Effects)
Costume Design ∞ Jasmina Sanader  
Sound Department ∞ Djordje Djurovic, Aleksandar Protic, Nikola Zivkovic, et al.
Production Company ∞ Contra Film
Distributor ∞ Jinga Films (Worldwide); Invincible Pictures (US)
Release Date ∞ June 2010
Running time ∞ 104 minutes (Original cut)
Country ∞ Serbia
Language ∞ Serbian, English, Swedish
Cast ∞
Srđan Todorović as Milos
Sergej Trifunovic as Vukmir
Jelena Gavrilovic as Marija
Slobodan Bestic as Marko
Katarina Zutic as Lejla
Luka Mijatovic as Stefan
Ana Sakic as Jecina majka
Lena Bogdanovic as Doktorka
Miodrag Krcmarik as Rasa
Nenad Herakovic as Cuvar 1
Carni Deric as Cuvar 2
Andela Nenadovic as Jeca
Tanja Divnic as Vaspitacica
Lidija Pletl as Jecina baka
Marina Savic as Prostitutka
Natasa Miljus as Porodilja
Dragana Jovanovic as Mesarka
Irena Korac as Kasirka
Dejan Bozovic as Konobar